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Scosche USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter announced

usb-c-hubScosche is back again with a brand new USB accessory, calling it the Scosche USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. This is one versatile USB-C hub that will surely be of interest to those who would like to hook up their notebook onto different devices. With the Scosche USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, it will feature not one or two, but a trio of different ports.

These three ports will offer essential functions as it plays nice with the new generation of USB Type-C devices. One of the ports would be an HDMI connection that will enable users to mirror the MacBook display all the way to an HDMI-enabled TV or display that is capable of 4K HD resolution. Apart from that, it can also output video content including movies and captured video, where all that you need to do is to hook up the adapter to the Type-C port of the MacBook or other USB-C device, before connecting it to a TV or projector using an HDMI cable.

Last but not least, the USB-C Hub will also come with a Type-A port, where users are able to hook up older peripherals and computer accessories. These will include USB flash drives (presumably of the USB 2.0 and 3.0 varieties) and cameras, connected them to the new Type-C MacBook. The Type-A port on the adapter does not just do data transfer, as it will allow users to charge and sync their iPhone, iPad or iPod. In order to make life all the more convenient, the third USB port that is located on the adapter (USB-C) itself will also enable pass-through charging of MacBook’s or other Type-C computers, regardless of whether the other ports are being used or not.

Hence, this Scosche peripheral allows one to enjoy superior data transfer speeds while featuring support for USB-C (Type-C) power input. The asking price for such convenience on the move stands at $59.99 a pop as it is accompanied by a 3-year warranty.

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