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Scosche goBAT 400 delivers portable power

gobat-4400In this day and age, it goes without saying that we tend to carry a whole lot of mobile devices with us wherever we go, and if it is one thing that consumers would love, it would be longer lasting batteries – minus the bulk and weight, of course. Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve that just yet, and this has led to an explosion of portable power banks that you see many people carry around. Scosche knows a thing or two about power banks, having revealed their goBAT range some time ago, and this time around, it would expand the goBAT line with the goBAT 4400, a portable backup battery that will even come with a built-in emergency flashlight.

The built-in ultra-bright emergency flashlight makes the goBAT 4400 the perfect choice when it comes to camping or summer road trips. For instance, imagine you are taking a night drive down somewhere, and hours away form the destination, the car simply refuses to continue. Popping open the hood, you would like to inspect what’s going on, and you can always whip out the goBAT 4400 in order to inspect the car’s engine. How about other situations when you need to navigate through a campground in the dark? It boasts of a compact design, which is also the ideal travel accessory, as users can slip it in their pocket or keep it safely tucked in a backpack when not in use.

The goBAT 4400 will arrive pre-charged right out of the box, ensuring that it is ready and waiting to juice up a user’s device right fro the get go thanks to its powerful 4400mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It comes with a 1 amp (1A) USB charging port that allows it to charge a range of electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and Bluetooth speakers, among others. Four LED light will notify users on just how much battery life is left. The goBAT 4400 is extremely affordable with an asking price of $19.99 a pop.

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