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Scosche expands MagicMount family with new mounts

magicmount-proScosche has certainly outdone itself when it comes to releasing accessories for various mobile devices, including iPhones and the Apple Watch. Over the past few years, the MagicMount line has slowly but surely seen an increase in the number of accessories released — and this time round, the family will expand by yet another two. In fact, these new magnetic, cradle-less, mobile device mounts are known as the MagicMount Pro Office/Home and MagicMount CD. While they are able to function as standalone units, the beauty of the new MagicMount Pro Office/Home and MagicMount CD would be the ability to be used alongside other MagicMount products that are already in the market, including the MagicMount Pro Window/Dash or MagicMount Wall Charger.

In other words, you would end up with a wholesome, tangle-free system for mounting devices that will kiss goodbye to a tangled mess be it at home, the office or while you are on the road. The versatile MagicMount Pro Office/Home makes use of the company’s award-winning MagicMount technology in order to dock a mobile device and Apple Watch to an office desk or kitchen table. It will rely on the StickGrip material which securely holds the device, whereas its soft touch, rubber lock-nut delivers secure positioning with a four-axis adjustable angle in order to comfortably read notes in portrait or landscape modes. The open design ensures that access to controls and ports remains unblocked, and it will ship alongside a large and small MagicPlate metal plate for mounting purposes. Expect the MagicMount Pro Office/Home to retail for $34.99 a pop.

As for the MagicMount CD, it will let one secure a mobile device to a vehicle’s CD slot. CDs in cars are not too popular these days, so chances are this $19.99 peripheral is not going to sell too many units upon its release. At the very least, it enables drivers to concentrate on the road, where the sleek design allows users to position their screen for optimal viewing and provides a lock-nut for secure positioning.

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