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Scosche delivers two new MagicMount accessories

magicmount-wall-chargerScosche is a very well known name when it comes to rolling out accessories for the road warrior, and it is no different either with the latest two devices that it has in store for the masses. I am referring to a pair of new MagicMount accessories: the MagicMount Wall Charger and the MagicMount PowerBank. Both of these are magnetically mounted portable power for Type-C devices, and have recently been unveiled. Their main function? To be able to keep consumers’ mobile devices juiced up, propped up and connected regardless of the location as well as situation.

For starters, the MagicMount Wall Charger will make use of Scosche’s award-winning MagicMount technology in order to neatly dock a mobile device to a wall outlet. The 12W (2.4A) Perfect Charge USB port is capable of automatically detecting and charging smartphones and tablets at the correct rate. This should further help you sleep better at night without any worry of your device spontaneously combusting. Apart from that, the user-friendly device is also built with powerful rare-earth Neodymium magnets, where it will not damage your smartphone or tablet, as it can securely maintain a tight grip on a device to make sure that smartphones and small tablets remain in position.

The MagicMount Wall Charger’s surface will also be covered by a non-scratch silicone pad which helps to prevent any marring of your device’s surface. Similar to the other MagicMount products that are in the market, the wall charger will ship with a large and small MagicPlate metal plate for use in mounting a mobile device to the wall charger. The asking price would be $29.99 a pop as it arrives before the end of the year.

As for the MagicMount PowerBank, this is no ordinary power bank as it delivers magnetically mounted portable power for Type-C devices. You can attach it to smartphones and other mobile devices equipped with a Type-C port, making use of Scosche’s MagicMount technology. The PowerBank affixes are 100% device safe, and the integrated Type-C cable plugs into the device for rapid (12W, 2.4A) charging. It carries a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can easily fit into one’s pocket or luggage, which transforms it into an ideal travel accessory. Expect the MagicMount PowerBank to retail for $59.99 as it hits the market before the year is over.

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