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Scosche BTFREQ car charger

Many of us own more than a single smartphone or mobile device these days, and more often than not, the power bank is an essential tool that we bring around in order to make sure that there is always some juice on hand just in case our handset runs out of power in the middle of the day. It is also not amiss to see more and more vehicle owners purchase a charger that plugs into their ride’s 12V socket, and Scosche has upped the ante with their latest Scosche BTFREQ. The Scosche BTFREQ might be a small device, but do not let its looks deceive you since it is mighty in nature with a clever design that packs in a slew of technology solutions which ranges from in-vehicle hands-free communications to entertainment, Power Delivery, and Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa.

 Offering convenience and power, the Scosche BTFREQ dual-port (USB-A 12W/USB-C 18W with Power Delivery) charger will allow you to power up a couple of compatible devices simultaneously, doing so quickly at the same time. In fact, USB-C PD is able to charge up to three times faster compared to a regular charger while providing adaptive charging, where it delivers the fastest safest charge for each individual device. In addition, the BTFREQ also supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. With USB-C becoming the globally adopted standard for charging and data transfer, you can be sure that there is a degree of proofing against the future, so you do not have any more need to fret concerning compatibility when it comes to purchasing newer handsets in the months to come.

Offering convenience, safety and value to a vehicle, I would highly recommend this since it can also be a great value added service for ridesharing operators. You can hook up to it while in the vehicle via Bluetooth or an aux-in cable, enabling users to gain access to Amazon’s Alexa. Using Alexa, users are able to ask it to play their favorite tunes, hear the latest happenings on the news, and check out the weather, among others. Since Alexa lives in the cloud, it constantly refines itself to be smarter while adding on new capabilities that are delivered to the device automatically. The BTFREQ will also work with Apple’s Siri and Google Voice when paired to a smartphone.

The Scosche BTFREQ has been carefully designed in order to deliver clearer voice activation with less noise pollution. It boasts of an ingeniously designed satin silver arc in order to accommodate a second microphone at the optimum distance from the first. Made from premium automotive grade ABS plastic, it should not be a problem blending it into most other vehicles. There is no word on pricing just yet, but the Scosche BTFREQ is tipped to arrive this coming fall 2019.

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