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Scosche BaseLynx system keeps devices organized during charging

When it comes to accessories for mobile devices, there is one particular name that tends to deliver well thought up solutions consistently: Scosche. This time around, this innovative company has come up with an elegant solution to the challenge of keeping multiple and diverse devices charged and organized via its all-new BaseLynx system. With a myriad of mobile devices that each person owns these days, it makes perfect sense if there is a system which will be able to keep everything well organized, and the Scosche BaseLynx system does seem to fit the bill perfectly.

 Getting organized is one thing, it is another matter altogether in order to remain organized. After all, nobody likes to leave the home and grab a smartphone that contains only a quarter charge left to face a daunting day ahead. All of our devices ought to be fully charged each day, and it is often high on the list of daily requirements for most folks. The combination of wireless charging and a multi-device organizer has given birth to the Scosche BaseLynx system. This system is highly customizable, enabling it to work in multiple settings ranging from the home to the office or even dorm.

When connected, the modules will be powered by a single power cable in order to make things even more simple than ever before. The potent combination of necessity, creative design and engineering is what made this possible, where the BaseLynx accommodates wired and wireless charging of different devices, and the entire myriad will include smartphones, tablets, Apple watches and others.

Some of the charging elements include the Qi wireless fast charging dock, the Apple Watch charging dock, a vertical power station that holds and charges up to three devices via its pair of 12W USB-A outlets and a single 18W USB-C Power Delivery outlet, a powered end cap, and extra 12V USB-A and 18W USB-C PD outlets.

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