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Scosche comes to your aid when you’re low on battery power

gobat-12000The modern day road warrior will probably be able to identify with the following situation – you are on your way to a meeting that might just score you the biggest gain or bonus, but somehow or rather, in the midst of your busy schedule, you promptly forgot to charge up your smartphone or tablet, and hence it is running on empty. A power outlet is nowhere in sight, and you have no in-car charger, either. Thankfully, this means Scosche has something which will be able to come to your aid whenever you are low on battery power, and this is made possible through the introduction of the new goBAT 12000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery.

The new goBAT 12000 Rugged comes across as a powerful, virtually indestructible portable battery pack that has been specially designed to withstand and perform even in the most extreme elements. This versatile device will make sure that users remain juiced up while out on a frozen, snowy trail or a warm, rocky hike, or even when they are sitting happily in their daily commute to work via rail or bus. As one can most probably be able to make an educated guess, the goBAT 12000 Rugged will feature a 12000mAh internal rechargeable battery that delivers users with enough power to charge an iPhone 6s up to six times, which should make it adequate to last for several days while out in the wilderness. This is double the capacity of the goBAT 6000 that we talked about in October last year.

Apart from that, the portable battery comes with dual 12 Watt/2.4A USB ports so that users get to enjoy the fastest charging possible while allowing them to simultaneously charge up to two USB-powered device such as smartphones, cameras, speakers, and flashlights, among others. It has been constructed with a rigid high-impact polycarbonate housing which will boast of a durable IP68 waterproof/dustproof rating, letting you submerge it up to 3 meters. It arrives fully charged right out of the box, and will come with an asking price of $99.99 a pop.

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