Scootrix Bike Noise Maker delivers special effects sounds on the move

scootrixFor those of us who are adults now, I would like you to take a moment off from your busy schedules. Close your eyes for a while, and think back of the days of your youth, where life was a whole lot more carefree back then, not to mention your wish each year was for summer to be the eternal season. Cycling around the neighborhood brought such joy, and you might even have imagined yourself as a spaceship flying through the vacuum of space, shooting down alien ships with accompanying special effects of your own conjuring. Technology has advanced to create special effects for your bicycle now, in the form of the $14.99 Scootrix Bike Noise Maker.

The Scootrix Bike Noise Maker will definitely be the tool to make an announcement of your imminent arrival, without the irritation that is evoked via a tootin’ horn. You will be able to transform your two wheeler into a roaring police vehicle, a hot rod racer, an old timey car or even a UFO! All that you need to do is to attach it to your bicycle or scooter, and blast away with the loud sound effects that come in the form of Police Siren, Turbo Boost, Horn and Laser Zap. It is encased in rubberized plastic, and will be powered by a pair of AAA batteries. Definitely one of the more fun accessories for your bicycle.