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Schwinn Wireless Bike Computer

The great thing about most stationary bikes is that you get to see how fast you’re going and the actual distance you’d be going if you were in a real bike.  Unfortunately no matter how hard you pedal a stationary bike, you’ll still be indoors.  Thankfully there is this Schwinn bike computer that lets you have the same information as a stationary bike, except that you still get to be outdoors while you’re exercising.

This wireless computer just requires you to clamp it onto your handlebars right where you can easily read it as you move.  It measures your speed by how many times your wheels spin.  It also can let you know the distance you’ve gone.  Within the computer is a time trial, odometer and training functions.  The Schwinn 13-Function Wireless Bike Computer is pretty affordable too.  You can pick it up for $18.75 through Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid