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Schrade Tactical Pens does more than just write

tactical-penNow here is an interesting device that you might want to check out, especially if you tend to do a whole lot of writing – and by that, I mean in a manual way. After all, writing used to be done with a quill and some ink, and that has long evolved to be the pen. While most of us do not give too much thought to the kind of pens that we use, how about standing out from the rest of the crowd with the unique $24.99 Schrade Tactical Pens?

The name itself does lend an interesting twist to such a writing device. You will be able to select from a ballpoint with stylus, a fountain pen, or a whistle top, now how about that for folks who love options? Not only that, there is also a glass-break pointed tip and clip for portability, and these features all arrive regardless of which particular model you pick. Well, since the pen is mightier than the sword, or so they say, this is one tactical pen that is worth checking out, and it comes in an elegant shade of matte black aluminum finish. Quite the writing implement, don’t you think so?