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Back to school with some Mushroom Kingdom style

Mushroom Backpack

There are very few things to be excited about with going back to school. You get to buy brand new pens and notebooks which hold the promise of knowledge yet to come, but always seem to end up producing more doodles than anything. So far as clothing goes, it is nice to update our wardobe, but the real cherry on top is getting a new backpack.

It takes forever for them to wear out, and if you hardly carry more than a notebook or tablet in them anyway, it takes even longer. If you’re ready to up your student fashion game, then why not add a touch of geeky to the mix? This Mushroom Backpack looks like it was made by Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom, and is meant to be your adorable bag of holding. While this is pretty small and is likely targeted at kids, there are two adjustable straps that make it great for adults that don’t let age define them!

It has a classic red and white toadstool look, and two compartments. This is going to cost you around $23, and is obviously an amazing decision. Be prepared for the sheer number of people that will be asking you where you got this from, and also the painstaking job of keeping the beige and white on this looking as clean as the picture.

Available for purchase on red5