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Sceptre reveals their SoundMixer

soundmixerJust when you thought that Sceptre does nothing but value for money TV propositions, perhaps it is time to take a different look. Their latest device would be known as the SoundMixer, which will function as an All-in-One Home and Office Audio Hub. Yes sir, the Sceptre SoundMixer is one portable audio hub which will be able to connect easily to HDTVs as well as sound systems, in order to deliver the integration of wireless microphones for increased functionality.

This is definitely a different step from their regular repertoire of gadgets which range from LED TVs to LCD HDTVs and PC monitors. The Sceptre SoundMixer portable audio hub is the ideal tool when it comes to the likes of gatherings, company events and even parties, since it would enable one to hook up to an HDTV or sound system easily so that it can integrate wireless microphones for increased functionality.

Specially designed for just about any event, the Sceptre SoundMixer lets a presenter effortlessly capture the attention of large audiences, and this would allow one to be able to transform any gathering into a karaoke party. It will feature adjustable echo levels in order to create a surround sound feel, low latency audio and to ensure outstanding audio quality sans any delays, while 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology offers ultimate mobility without any kind of external interference.

The portability of the Sceptre SoundMixer cannot be understated Рit will tip the scales at under half a pound, is able to fit into any backpack, and will also be able to transform any place with a TV or sound system instantly into a karaoke room. One can say that the Sceptre SoundMixer will perfectly complement Sceptre’s Sound Bars, SoundAnchor, SoundPal, and UHD TVs, where it will arrive in a trio of selections with optional microphones, depending on your budget.

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