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Sceptre introduces new HDTV with integrated DVD player

sceptre-32-hdtvWhen it comes to HDTVs these days, the market is more or less saturated to an extent where there are just so many different models from various manufacturers to choose from, that the end user or consumer would be spoilt for choice. If you are on a budget, chances are just about any entry level or mid-range HDTV ought to be able to fit the bill perfectly, although from time to time, there might be a gem out there which allows you to indulge in a little bit more. Take Sceptre for instance – the company bolsters its latest range of HDTVs by rolling out a model that comes with an integrated DVD player.

This new model will be part of Sceptre’s Color Series, where it sports 32” of viewing goodness all the while, as its name suggests, offers the convenience of having a built-in DVD player. It is also outstanding when it comes to long term energy savings thanks to an Energy Star V6.1 rating, delivering superb HD image quality that is capable of displaying 16.7 million colors.

Specially designed to liven any room, it will cater to those living in more compact spaces, and these will include the likes of a dorm room, loft or RV. You will be able to choose from striking blue, pink, purple and white colors for the 32-inch Color Series HDTVs, and regardless of which particular shade you choose, it will boast of an elegant brush metal design that is extremely thin despite packing in an integrated DVD player. Not only that, you can also opt to mount it to a wall, while the swivel base to make adjusting viewable angles a snap. Certainly this design is so far ahead from what the market offered a decade ago, right? Hardware specifications point to a resolution count of 1366×768 pixels, an 8ms response time, and three HDMI ports.

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