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Sceptre delivers new LED TV models

sceptre-dvd-tvSceptre is a name that just about all of us are familiar with when it comes to delivering a wallet friendly LED TV – after all, we have seen our fair share of those in the past. Having said that, while the world continues to look eagerly to the next “world’s largest TV” in some form or another, do bear in mind that there is still a viable market for smaller TVs – especially when you would need to furnish a budget hotel or motel, or perhaps are living in a rather cramped environment. The latest LED TV models from Sceptre happen to come in just 19”’ of viewing goodness – which isn’t very large at all, and there are two variations to choose from – one with a built-in DVD player, while the other being a plain LED TV.

This Sceptre 19” LED HDTV series will offer all the flexibility and compact design required for smaller spaces without sacrificing on the toning down of your entertainment demands. It will offer a 1366 × 768 resolution and a true widescreen 16:9 ratio, where it will also be equipped with MHL technology so that MHL-enabled devices are able to hook up directly to the HDTV via a single cable – letting it transmit 1080P high-definition video and surround sound audio – all at the same time charging up the connected mobile device, now how about that?

In terms of connectivity, you get multiple easy access HDMI ports and a USB port so that you can hook up various compatible devices to the TV for the ultimate entertainment experience. Apart from that, other features of the 19” LED HDTV series will include a slim bezel-brush pattern design, a 15-degree swivel base and an Energy Star V6.1 certificate. Definitely worth checking out if you happen to be extremely short on space, not to mention money to furnish your recently rented apartment.

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