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Sceptre announces SoundBase TV Audio System

sceptre-tv-soundbaseSceptre, a name that many of us are familiar with when it comes to rolling out high performing LED HDTVs, LCD HDTVs and PC monitors. This time around, they have introduced their latest offering which will not be visual in nature, but rather, to appeal to the aural senses. Basically, the Sceptre SoundBase TV Audio System is an attractive mix of a Bluetooth speaker and a sound bar, being able to transform regular TV programming into an amazing audio entertainment experience as it hooks up sans wires to just about any Bluetooth device for music streaming.

The Sceptre SoundBase TV Audio System would boast of a quartet of speakers as well as a subwoofer, delivering a combined 75 watts of lifelike surround sound audio. Some might even say that this is the perfect addition to any room, where the SoundBase has the ability to support TVs that are up to 55-inches in size, and less than 65 lbs. in weight, making it the ideal TV sound base if you would want to have a lovely home entertainment system in your nest.

It will come equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to boot, allowing users to hook up devices wirelessly and offer full control over your music thanks to the SoundBase remote control. This is a truly easy to setup speaker which will connect to a plethora of smart devices including the likes of TVs, monitors, music players, stereos, and more; has customizable sound profiles; where it will also come with a trio of pre-set professional sound modes which will offer the best sound quality for TV, film or music.

Those who are interested in picking up this lovely looking Sceptre SoundBase TV Audio System (which will not look as though it will clutter up your home for sure!) will be able to do so from various retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, K-Mart, Newegg, QVC, Sears, Target, TigerDirect and Walmart.

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