Scentee – one of the only times you’re encouraged to smell your phone


Much of our past is kept in our minds as memories through sensory experience. What we see, taste, smell, and touch stays with us for years to come. That’s why one small thing can smack you in the teeth with nostalgia. This can either bring tears to your eyes or a smile to your lips, but some things are always worth remembering.

If your sense of smell is what sticks with you the most, then the Scentee might just be a must-have phone accessory. This plugs into your audio jack on your smartphone, and whenever it goes off, you’ll get a puff of scented spray. This can be programmed to notify you that you have a text, act as an alarm clock, and more. Currently, there are Rose, Strawberry, Coffee, Lavender, and Rosemary smell cartridges available, but more will surface in the future.

This is a weird little gizmo, but it would certainly nab your attention pretty quickly if you trained yourself to acknowledge a smell with an alert going off. Of course, just as we experience ‘phantom buzzing’ when we think our phone has gone off when it actually hasn’t, we would likely also experience the same with smells. If you trained yourself to check your phone whenever you smell lavender, you can guess what might happen if you came upon incense, essential oils, or the actual plant. The setup will cost you about $35, and additional cartridges will cost an extra $5 a piece. If you want a scenario of when this could be used for heartwarming moments, go and watch the 10 minute video on the website that probably could’ve been a full-length feature film.

Available for purchase on Scentee, found via redferret