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These Scented Flameless Candles aren’t candles at all!


While candles are a nice way to add a little warmth to chilly rooms during the winter, some people don’t like the fact that a living flame is in their home. The light and comfort they give off is great, but not if it’s at the expense of your sanity thinking that a cat will knock it over and put your house up in flames while you go to the bathroom. Or at least get wax all over the carpet, because that stuff is impossible to get out.

If all you want is the ambiance from that little flickering light, then these Scented Flameless Candles will likely do the trick. Flameless and candle don’t normally end up in the same sentence without a light bulb being involved, and while that is still the case here, an extra element has been added to give the light some movement. Hilariously enough, this element is the exact opposite of fire, as this is a water fountain!

That’s right, the only aspects of this that resemble the original is the illumination and the scented wax (cracked island coconut in this version!). This stands 6” tall and is 4” wide. It uses a rechargeable lithium battery, and has a timer function for 2, 4 or 6 hours as well as a regular ole on or off switch which will last 8-10 hours off of the battery. Since it’s battery powered, you’ll be able to put it anywhere without having to worry about a wire. It’ll cost you around $43, so you should be pretty dedicated to the idea of a mini water fountain rather than buying a candle just about anywhere for much cheaper.

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