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The Scary Mary Haunted Mirror – If Looks Could Kill

The folks over at the offer you The Scary Mary Haunted Mirror. Did you ever play the game as a kid? (standing at the mirror in the dark chanting “Scary Mary” waiting for her to appear?) Well, now you can be assured that she will, not just for you, but for your unsuspecting guests. The mirror, while stylish and ornate graces your wall innocently enough until activated by time or even more effectively, by pressure sensitive switch mat, then stand back and watch the fun as your everyday mirror slowly transforms and then suddenly startles with a horrifying, screaming, and most certainly scary, Mary. Please don’t miss the video of Mary in action here.
The Scary Mary Mirror is pretty easy to hang, and the kit includes a low profile wall mount so the special effect won’t be spoiled with an extra thick frame or a pesky false cabinet. The mirror system is 40 inches tall and 28 inches wide and comes fully equipped and operational with an LCD panel, DVD player (complete with HDMI cable), the wall mount, and a nifty portrait light to call attention to your little friend. The switch mat, or optional remote is sold separately and don’t feel as though you’re stuck with Mary forever, the routine can be changed, with several different options, including Killer Clowns! Of course quality horrors like Mary don’t come cheap, and the price tag on this one may be enough of a scare for you for a long time. The Scary Mary Mirror starts at around 1700 bucks at Ask yourself this though, can you really put a price on one of your best pals screaming like a 6 year old girl? I don’t think so.
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