Scarpar Motorized Skateboard

scarpar-powerboard-13Dude, you’ve got to check this out!

Sorry for that intro, but I thought this next gadget might appeal to the “extreme sports” crowd. I realize that I don’t do a good job imitating the way they speak, but no matter who you are, you might want to try the Scarpar.

The Scarpar is a motorized skateboard that sets the skater free from the sidewalk and downhill grooves, allowing them to go truly off-road. Not only is the Scarpar capable of going on mud, grass, sand, and snow, but it can travel at 60 km an hour, provided you’re downhill on a forest trail.

The 60 km/hour version is 4-stroke petrol powered, while a 35 km/hour version is all electrical. You can watch the YouTube video of this guy after the jump if you want to see it in action.

Some of you might notice the tethered wire that the driver holds onto with one hand. Yes, it is there for control of the steering and speed, and I’m not certain if there are plans to give any type of full control to the feet.

Scarpar has been under development for years by a company in Queensland, Australia, but it has been put off due to the economic crisis that we’ve all been feeling right now, in some way or another.

Someone really needs to just mass-manufacture and market this guy. Right now, the current estimate for a retail price for a single Scarpar is somewhere in the neighborhood of two or three thousand dollars. Can we get that price to drop a little lower, please? Most extreme sports nuts can’t even afford skyboarding.


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