Scanner detects cancer in an hour, costs $200 to make

The wonders of the human mind never ceases to amaze me, and this time around we have a bunch of boffins over at Harvard University and MIT working together to create what could potentially have positive effects in the fight against cancer worldwide – using just $200 worth of parts to develop a scanner gizmo which is capable of detecting cancer in just an hour.
This will be a handheld device, where it will use “antibodies and magnetic particles to seek out and flag cancer in cells, which are extracted with a needle, rather than large amounts of surgically removed tissue.” All diagnostic results can be processed on a smartphone via an app (hopefully the app will be free), and you can check out your results in an hour without having to wait for a week as the biopsy takes place. That kind of wait can be pretty tough, especially for those who have a weak mental fortitude.
Current biopsy tests are around 84% accurate, but this invention is touted to deliver accuracy levels of up to 96%, now, this is definitely a real boost that will have you sleeping batter at night with proper diagnosis before you take a more exact step after that. No idea on whether this will enter production or not, but we sure as heck hope it does!
Source: DVice

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