Scamander RRV can go just about anywhere

The Scamander RRV can go just about anywhere
The Scamander RRV can go just about anywhere

Before he died, Peter Wheeler wanted the ultimate car – one that would not only go fast, but go anywhere. And by anywhere, he meant ANYWHERE. Over land, over water, over just about anything. The end of the day, he had the Scamander.

Because he loved driving fast, but shooting in the outback, Wheeler needed something that wasn’t bound by the roads it ran on, or having to waste hours driving around lakes and streams that block his way.

So he built a vehicle with huge 35 inch tires, and the rear wheels have paddles attached to them. Powered by a 2.0 litre Ford Zetec engine, the Scamander also was designed with individual braking systems which can isolate each wheel separately for better traction. The body, is built from foam plastic pods that are form fitting aerodynamically and positioned around it’s aluminum frame. This keeps the RRV light enough to wade through any lagoon.

The driver sits dead in the middle of the front seat with a near 300 degree field of view from five windows included a very large windshield. Two passenger seats occupy the rear along with covered pickup style bed for more utilitarian purposes.

But will Detroit be seeing something like this any time soon? Not likely as Wheeler was investing his own money into the project and with his death, the fate of the Scamander is very much in doubt. But one thing is for sure, it definitely works.

Hat Tip – Jalopnik