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SayYes Planner does more than organizing your life

I always get a kick out of filling up the calendar spaces in my yearly planner, as it tends to give me a sense of purpose. The advent of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and subsequently, smartphones, has more or less rendered such paper-based planners redundant for many. However, there is still something about a planner with pages to flip through. SayYes LLC has come up with something to help you start the new year with a bang: the SayYes Planner.

The SayYes Planner is lovely to look at, which is extremely important when you consider how often you are going to bring this planner with you wherever you go as you keep track of your appointments, dates, and to-do tasks. Hence, it is wrapped in luxurious vegan leather, carrying 70 pages within with a choice of an undated daily/weekly/monthly calendar or blank page inserts. Professionals and casual users alike will be more than happy with the SayYes Planner as it helps them stay organized, increase productivity, and accomplish goals they never thought possible.

Now to the juicy bit: apart from helping keep your life and work organized, this is quite unlike any other planner you would have used before. This is because the SayYes Planner doubles up as a portable power bank, thanks to its 8,000mAh battery capacity that is located on the back cover. No longer do you have to worry about running out of juice while you are on the road or performing other tasks, as it has enough ports to power up to three different devices simultaneously. In addition, it delivers the convenience of wireless charging courtesy of its built-in Qi fast wireless charging pad which also functions as a bookmark. The SayYes Planner is compatible with any Qi capable devices such as the iPhone X and newer Samsung Galaxy S series. The inclusion of a built-in magnetic phone stand allows it to transform any phone into a hands-free device.

Expect the SayYes Planner to be prepared for a December release, just in time for you to kick start your new year with a bank. The SayYes Planner will retail for $98 apiece and arrives in Rose Gold and Black Onyx colors.

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