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The Saver Emergency Breath System – breathe easy in a bad situation

Emergency Breath Saver

We always think that terrible things could never happen to us. Being a careful driver doesn’t mean you’re safe on the road, being healthy doesn’t mean you’ll always have good health, and just because you keep your house in good shape doesn’t mean a fire couldn’t break out. Something as easy as an electrical problem can start a full-blown fire in your home while you sleep, and if you aren’t prepared, how will you escape?

If you find yourself trapped in a situation where there’s smoke too thick for you to see through and you don’t have precautions set in place, you may not make it out alive. While we know you should stay low to the ground, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be ok to breathe in what might be toxic air. The Saver Emergency Breath System will help you to see and escape as quickly as possible.

This uses a triple filter system that will keep your respiratory tract safe from toxic gas. There is a pre-filter for smoke and dust, a Hopcalite filter for carbon monoxide, and a third for the removal of secondhand toxic smoke. There is an option to get a flashlight/alarm attachment as well, though obviously the filter is the most important aspect. To use this, you take off the cap, put on the nosepiece, remove the orange cap, put in the mouthpiece, and start moving to the nearest exit. This is going to cost you $69 for one unit, or you can get the two person set with the light and alarm for $169.

Available for purchase on mysafetyyiq

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  1. “filters chemical substances and removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases for up to 5 minutes.”

    Independent laboratory certification of this snake oil, please?

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