Save paper with this USB Digital Fax Machine

USB Fax Machine

I used to think that the fax machine would be one of those primitive gadgets that died off  once broadband internet became widely available. In the last few years I’ve come to understand that we’re probably stuck with this already-ancient technology for at least another decade. Sure, there are other methods of sending documents electronically, but fax machines are cheap and simple, which will make them very difficult to replace completely. However, if you’re stuck dealing with faxes, why not be as high-tech as possible?

This Paperless USB Digital Fax Machine is a great way to cut down on paper if you receive a lot of fax transmissions. I’m sure that environmentalists everywhere will rejoice at this gadget which will no doubt save plenty of trees. Rather than printing out all of the pages, it simply stores your faxes on the PC, and then you can choose which ones you actually need hard copies of. Unfortunately if you want to send documents that aren’t stored on your computer, you’ll have to find a regular fax machine, or at least scan them to your PC. Saving trees is costly, as this fax machine will set you back a whopping $135.99.

Source: RedFerret

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