Saturday Night Speakers

I’m sure you’ve seen a whole bunch of speakers in your lifetime, but how many of them come in such a cute manner as the Saturday Night Speakers? Take a walk back into the 70s with these afro-clad brothers and rock the night away.

These awesome disco brothers can’t shake their booty but the glorious sounds coming from their frizzy, fluffy afros will give you that night fever and keep you going all night long. Simply load them up with batteries and attach one to your music player for an instant disco or attach them both to your computer or Hi-Fi for stereo sound. Bring back the Shiny 70s and recreate the legendary Studio 54 with these Saturday Night Speakers!

You can hook them up to external music sources via a 3.5mm mini jack and is powered via USB or batteries. The Saturday Night Speakers retail for £19.95 from PrezzyBox.