Satis Asteo Washlet is super advanced


Everyone knows how the Japanese love their toilets, complete with butt washers, heated seats, and all. I suppose that’s the culture there, since even public toilets come with high tech bidets that wash your butt the moment you finish laying a log or two. Japanese toilet manufacturer Inax has recently lifted the curtain on its 2007 Satis Asteo Washlet toilet, offering a glimpse to the rest of the world on just how important the Japanese place the toilet in their lives. What makes the Satis Asteo Washlet different from the rest of our toilets are fourfold in nature which we’ll explore after the jump.

Firstly, the toilet comes with an SD memory card slot. Yes, you read that right – while the SD memory card slot is not meant to dispense SD-sized toilet paper, it is more than capable of holding your favorite tunes to keep your bowels moving in an encouraging manner. In fact, each purchase comes with an SD card pre-loaded with classics from Bach, Chopin and Mendelsohn. The moment you’re seated, an integrated sensor will activate those tunes which have a two-fold function, of which the first was mentioned earlier while the second prevents those outside from hearing anything more than they should.

Secondly, the smoothly-designed basin exterior is extremely easy to clean and does not come with the dust and grime collecting nooks and crannies that are a staple feature in many a Western toilet. Thirdly, the sensor is smart enough to know whether you’re going to need the seat up or down (what, it reads minds now?), using a built-in motor to put it into position. Great for couples who always have arguments about whether the toilet seat should be left up or down. Last but not least, a nightlight in the bowl itself helps those with poor aim during the night to shoot right.

Source: Core 77

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