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Satechi Wireless Numeric Keypad introduces flexibility for the road warrior

satechi-keypad-wirelessWhen it comes to working on laptops and notebooks (as well as Ultrabooks too, of course), one thing is for sure – not much is able to beat the fact that these devices are highly portable, which makes them a snap to tote around without breaking your back – unless, of course, you decide to settle for one of those really, really heavy and bulky gaming notebooks that pack quite a punch. Having said that, if you are going to crunch numbers on a spreadsheet with your notebook, there is an essential tool missing which are normally found on desktop keyboards – a dedicated numeric keypad. Satechi knows this, which is why they have stepped forward to come up with a numeric keypad that is quite unlike anything you have ever seen before. I am referring to the Satechi’s Wireless Numeric Keypad here.

Satechi’s Wireless Numeric Keypad claims to extend keyboard capabilities as well as throw in not only function, but style as well into any kind of workplace. This has been touted to be the ideal Bluetooth accessory for any workspace, where the wireless keypad itself ensures that your notebook or laptop’s keyboard is able to do a whole lot more, and since it communicates via Bluetooth, you can be sure that your workspace will be free of clutter, wires, and plugs.

The Wireless Numeric Keypad arrives in a sleek profile and glossy black finish which should be able to complement just about any workspace, regardless of whether it is stationary or mobile. With a slim design, the Wireless Numeric Keypad is a joy to tote around, as users can bring it with them wherever they go, since it slides in nicely into any backpack or laptop bag. The wireless Bluetooth range will be able to work fine up to 32 feet in range, and it will be compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled desktop, laptop or tablet. Therein lies a full keypad with number lock, and the asking price of $29.99 is certainly a bargain considering what it can do.

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