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Satechi Vertical Laptop Stand

Satechi-Vertical-Laptop-StandWhen it comes to mobile accessories, it is safe to assume that one would be hard pressed to find a company out there who will be able to do it as good as Satechi. Satechi’s latest offering arrives in the form of a brand new vertical laptop stand, sporting a sleek looking form factor and space saving design that ultimately aims to promote a clutter-free workspace. Oh yes, it will also handle this niggling issue that has plagued many a laptop owner for years — the problem of overheating, which is what the Vertical Laptop Stand from Satechi will be able to circumvent.

 This particular stand will be able to effectively elevate majority of the laptops and tablets that are in the market, ensuring that desks as well as tables will remain clutter-free and safe from any kind of potential water or coffee spills that are extremely possible, especially when it comes to a hectic workday and deadlines to meet all around.

It will not only help you to maximize valuable desk space whenever you store laptops or tablets in an upright, vertical position, the stand itself will keep ports exposed so that you can continue with your charging process, or to hook it up to additional monitors, without getting in the way. In other words, you can maximize your functionality without having to get in the way. Not only that, it has an aluminum body which will be able to help devices placed on it to remain cool, as the stand itself elevates devices that will be able to minimize contact with the table surface. The bottom chamber will help to regulate air flow while prevent overheating at the same time.

Made from durable anodized aluminum, it is strong enough to secure virtually all laptops and tablets without having it topple over. Arriving in silver, space gray or jet black colors, Satechi has placed a $44.99 asking price on this bad boy.

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