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Satechi Ventie Mount keeps your mobile device in place securely

satechi-ventie-mountI am not quite sure about you, but I tend to rely a whole lot on Waze these days whenever I go out, so much so that the brain goes missing each time I am behind the wheel, having trained my ears to listen to instructions from Waze. This leads to me not taking note of the various landmarks along the way, especially in new areas, resulting in a “dumbing down” where my positional sense is concerned. How about you? The trick to having a decent Waze driving experience would be to have a decently sized handset and of course, a proper place to put your handset in a safe manner that will not distract you. Hence, a mount of sorts is required – but if you do not want to settle for any ordinary mount, then you might want to check out the new Satechi Ventie Mount.

The Satechi Ventie Mount is said to be the ideal solution for users to navigate oneself with a GPS navigation system device, or perhaps to activate Siri to request a song, or to even make hands-free calls while you are on the road, all without running the risk of being distracted. This low profile Ventie Mount enables users to check the phone’s screen at-a-glance without having to reach in a pocket or look down from the road ahead.

The Ventie Mount will ensure that is is securely attached to majority of the car air vents, and has been specially designed with a ball-and-socket joint and swivel arm, so that users can place the smartphone in any angle. In order to make use of the Ventie Mount, all that users need to do is to place the mounting bracket behind your car’s air vent and then screw to tighten. There is a spring grip with rubberized pads which will hold the smartphone in place, and one can place the smartphone in the cradle or remove it with one hand. Expect the Ventie Mount to play nice with any smartphone within 2” to 3.5” wide, and it comes with an asking price of $19.99 apiece.

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