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Satechi unveils its latest USB Type-C Hub Adapter

satechi-usb-type-cWhere USB technology is concerned, you can be sure that it has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. In fact, when USB 1.0 made the leap to USB 2.0, transferring files, especially large ones, proved to be a cinch. It certainly felt like a breeze for sure, and now that we have been in USB 3.0 territory for a number of years now, even 1TB files (as files get larger and larger all the time to take advantage of the larger capacity and yet more affordable storage devices, not to mention ever increasing data transfer speeds) take just a while to make their way from one device to another. However, where USB connectivity is concerned, there is one thing that continues to bother plenty of people – that is, you will need to plug it into the USB port correctly, and not just any way will do. With that in mind, USB Type-C has done away with this method, meaning you can plug a USB Type-C plug into a corresponding port either way. Satechi intends to make life easier for everyone with the all new Satechi Type-C Hub Adapter.

Basically, the Satechi Type-C Hub Adapter is the ideal solution where MacBook users are concerned, especially those who would want nothing better than to keep on using their traditional USB peripherals with the latest breed Type-C port. This particular adapter will expand Type-C USB 3.1 ports into a trio of Type-A USB 3.0 ports, an SD memory card slot and a microSD memory card slot, which means users need not go through the hassle of performing a full-scale upgrade of diverse peripherals.

If you are interested in the Satechi USB Type-C Hub adapter, then you can choose from gunmetal, silver and gold colors that will definitely complement the new MacBook as well as any kind of Apple workspace. It is small enough to fit in any purse, backpack or laptop case, and it comes with a $34.99 asking price.

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