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Satechi wants you to swim with your iPad without any worry

satechi-waterproof-tablet-caseConsumer electronic devices are extremely sensitive pieces of electronics to tote around. In fact, it was anathema not too long ago for water and the likes of smartphones and tablets to mix, pretty much like keeping a prized wax figure away from fire or heat. Well, over the years, technology has improved to include waterproof capability in smartphones, although not quite yet for mainstream tablet devices. Hence, a protective case would come in handy, and if you are going to pick up a protective case for your tablet in the first place, why not make sure that it will be waterproof at the same time? This is exactly what Satechi intended to do with their very first range of waterproof tablet cases ever.

These unique waterproof tablet cases from Satechi will be compatible with either the iPad Mini (first, second and third generation, it does not matter), iPad Air or Kindle PaperWhite from Amazon. These waterproof tablet cases will feature an IPX-8 waterproof rating in order to protect it against water submersion up to depths of 20 feet – which means you can go swimming with it – how about using it as a training float of sorts? At least you can now continue with your game of Candy Crush while you are swimming. Apart from that, it is the ideal tablet accessory for any outdoor or water adventure including swimming, hiking, fishing, and boating, among others.

All cases in the Waterproof Tablet Series will boast of a double waterproof seal for that added peace of mind, as it protects devices from water, dirt, rain, snow, sand, mud and other debris. Despite the fact that it is fully protective, the cases will still enable users to have full control of the tablet’s touchscreen thanks to its clear front panel. Users too, can easily browse through the internet and snap photos without missing a beat. Each case will cost just $24.99 and will be buoyant so that you need not have it sleep with the fishes should it slip out from your grasp.

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