Satechi Smart LED desk lamp

Are you one of those who love to have nothing better to do than to curl up at home right after a long, hard day at the office, with a good book in hand? Of course, when it comes to the issue of lighting, it can be a very personal matter, and some folks prefer to have the entire home lit up as though it is Christmas the very next day, while others prefer far softer lighting for that warm touch, which helps soothe away the day’s stress. Well, if you are a voracious reader who loves to bury your nose in books, then the $99.99 Satechi Smart LED desk lamp does seem to be a decent choice for exploration.

The Satechi Smart LED desk lamp is readily available and is guaranteed to be the perfect lighting accessory for just about any home or office. Of course, it has a primary duty of functioning as a standard issue desk lamp so that you can sort through your documents as well as read a book in comfort, but it also has a secondary although very important feature in this day and age – that is, to be able to juice up a plethora of devices that support USB charging. Imagine coming home, plugging in your smartphone to the Satechi Smart LED desk lamp, and reading a good book while your handset gets all juiced up, ready for a day’s work tomorrow.

The Satechi Smart LED desk lamp is also considered to be very versatile, as it was specially designed to meet the lighting needs of business pros, students and busy moms. In order to make it easy to use for just about anyone and everyone, it comes with user friendly touch controls which allows you to toggle between a quartet of different brightness levels. The sleek and glossy lamp’s four different modes will be able to be more than sufficient in delivering the ideal amount of light so that you can dive right into a good book, or to ensure that you do not miss a single fact when studying for an upcoming test.

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