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Satechi slim aluminum wireless keypad merges form and function

satechi-slim-aluminum-keypadMany modern day notebooks these days are pretty nifty as they are not only lightweight, but also relatively slim and small in nature. This makes such notebooks a snap to tote around, being particularly useful when you are on a showfloor trying to cover as much news as possible without ending up with a strained shoulder and bad back afterwards. More often than not, compromises have to be made, and most notebooks have long ditched the keypad. Bean counters might not be used to this when working on a notebook, and rather than lug around a full sized USB keyboard whenever you travel with your notebook for work, why not settle for something far smaller — and more convenient? Satechi has the answer with their latest slim aluminum wireless keypad.

Merging both form and function to deliver the Slim Aluminum Wireless Keypad, this is one sleek accessory that will be able to expand the functionality of a user’s current keyboard, resulting in a more comfortable environment when one is busy with accounting tasks and Excel spreadsheets, among others.

It will function by relying on Bluetooth connectivity, which would mean you get to free up one USB port on your notebook — and we know how precious USB ports are as a commodity when notebooks entered the Ultrabook era. Since it is Bluetooth-enabled, the Slim Aluminum Wireless Keypad will be able to play nice with both Mac and PCs. It comes in an ergonomic, tilted design, accompanied by anti-slip pads which will be able to provide users with maximum comfort as it remains secured while you work on important tasks. The Slim Aluminum Wireless Keypad will sport a slim profile, and that makes it a joy to tote around.

The $39.99 Slim Aluminum Wireless Keypad will be powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, where a full charge delivers up to two weeks of juice. Expect this smart wireless keypad to enter sleep mode when not in use for an hour in an effort to conserve battery life.

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