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Satechi Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter is a digital accessory you need to have

satechi-slim-4k-multi-port-adapterWhen it comes to computer peripherals or digital accessories that are in the market, there are many different devices to choose from, but one particular name that we can all agree on which provides plenty of quality, it would be Satechi. Satechi’s latest arrival in the market is the Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter. Satechi holds the distinction of being one of the first leading brands that made a foray into the growing Type-C accessory market last year, and they have not looked back since. With the Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter, its Type-C accessory line is expanded, since it will play nice with new products such as the new 12” MacBook and Chromebook Pixel.

The Satechi Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter has the ability to unleash the full potential of a Type-C port, and it does so by adding multiple connections to a laptop or desktop. The adapter will boast of a 4K HDMI port which can output video from a computer to a 4K monitor. When you pair it up with a computer that supports 4K via an HDMI cable, you will then be able to experience beautiful, crisp high-resolution displays. Users need not have to worry about sacrificing features for functionality with the Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter, courtesy of the pass-through USB port.

Apart from that, it will boast of a couple of USB Type-A ports, where users will be able to enjoy additional outlets to charge external devices, and upload photos from a camera, among others. The plug-and-play Slim 4K HDMI Multi-Port Adapter is so simple to use, there is no need for any kind of complicated installation process or software downloads. It arrives in a compact form factor, where it is a snap to slip in easily anywhere you want, letting you expand your computer’s capabilities while you are on-the-move. Since it arrives in a sleek aluminum design, it will definitely complement Apple accessories.

Expect the Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-Port Adapter to arrive in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Space Gray shades for $59.99 a pop.

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