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Satechi reveals new USB-C Travel Charger

satechi-typecWhenever one travels, there are a few items that are deemed to be essential: from toiletries to perhaps, a precious family photo that needs to go with you regardless of where you are headed to. One particular item that many modern day road warriors would hate to forget would be the all important charger. After all, just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and to make sure that your smartphone remains well juiced while you are on the go is a crucial aspect. Accessories manufacturer Satechi intends to make life a whole lot more convenient with the announcement of their spanking new USB-C Travel Charger.

This is a truly unique USB-C Travel Charger, since it comes with not one, but rather, a couple of Type-A ports as well as a solitary Type-C port, making it extremely ideal when getting around. This can be deemed to be the ideal companion when it comes to juicing up multiple devices simultaneously, even when you are busy waiting at a public train station or somewhere equivalent. To make matters easier for the world traveler, it is also compatible with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel smartphone, MacBook 12” and MacBook Pro 13”.

You can be sure that your mobile devices that are being charged by the USB-C Travel Charger is well protected, as the USB-C Travel Charger comes with smart auto-detect technology. This technology will make sure that each device ends up getting the maximum charge, and at the same time, will have its wattage adjusted automatically in order to obtain the best and safest possible charge all the time. With the USB-C Travel Charger featuring a maximum output power up to 40W among three ports; 14.5V / 2A for the USB-C port and 5V / 2.4 for the USB-A ports, you can be sure that multiple power hungry devices will get their dues at full speed.

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