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Satechi reveals new Smart Charging Stand

satechi-smart-charging-standSatechi is a name that many of us associate with quality peripherals and accessories for our mobile devices — be they on the move or otherwise. We are glad to say that this reputation of theirs has not ceased at all with the latest smart charging stand which is capable of juicing up to a quartet of USB-powered devices all at once. This means your wearable pieces of technology and smartphones do not have to end up neglected, now how about that?

The Satechi Smart Charging Stand is a true, blue multifunctional four-port USB charger. It is versatile in a sense where there is a solitary USB charging port as well as a trio of USB ports located on the base of the stand. The stand itself will come with three adapters for Apple Watch, Fitbit Blaze and smartphones, ensuring that it should be able to “take care” of just about all other USB-powered devices that are in the market. All that you need to do is identify the right device, and pick the required adapter, and boom! You’re good to go after fastening said adapter to the station lid.

Specially designed with convenience in mind, Satechi’s Smart Charging Stand will also enable users to simply place their device atop the stand in order to gain hands-free access while it is charging. Should your precious Apple Watch be charged, the Smart Charging Stand’s flat upper surface has been perfectly designed for Nightstand Mode so that one can easily access and make use of the watch while charging.

It will be accompanied by Smart Charging Technology, Power and Voltage Boost in order to charge up to 5V/2.4A max per port, for a total of 6 Amps. The Satechi Smart Charging Stand has the word “smart” in there because it automatically detects each port’s plugged in device, hence it is capable of delivering the fastest and most efficient charge possible for each device right from the get go. You can pick it up for $34.99 a pop in gold, silver or space gray shades.

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