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Satechi reveals new aluminum Type-C wireless charger

One particular name that would be extremely familiar to those who love high quality mobile device peripherals and accessories would be Satechi. Satechi’s portfolio of mobile accessories share a single common goal: to make each mobile device user’s everyday life a more convenient one. It is no surprise then that the newest wireless charging solution continues to march down a similar path. Boasting of a more modern, sleek design alongside Quick Charging (QC) or USB-C Power Delivery (PD) compatibility, the Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger is more than capable of providing juice to the newest smartphones including the vaunted iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, doing so at maximum speeds so that you are able to get up and about your productivity at a faster rate.

The Qi-Certified Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger will allow users to enjoy far less downtime between phone charges, where it boasts of powerful charging speeds that are up to 10W on compatible devices. Making use of a Quick Charging (QC) or USB-C Power Delivery (PD) adapter, both Qi-enabled Apple and Android devices will deliver a max output of 7.5W and 10W, respectively.

You will also have far less worries when it comes to safety issues, as Satechi’s latest Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger will deliver peace of mind during the charging process courtesy of its advanced safety protection features. The wireless charger features over-temperature protection alongside foreign object detection (FOD), hence protecting smartphones against temperature spikes as well as unwanted metal objects. Just in case the smartphone overheats or in the event where a foreign object is detected, the LED light will flash so that you are alerted to a malfunction, while all power to the phone is cut off.

The built-in LED light will also be a quick visual indicator of the smartphone’s charging status, and light color varies based on charging speeds. Expect the Qi-certified Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger to retail for $44.99 apiece as it comes in silver and space gray shades.

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