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Satechi goes gold with Type-C adapters

Satechi is a name that has long held high regard among mobile device users for its wide range of accessories that deliver nothing but the very best and added convenience. This time around, style is also part of the deal as the company has just announced a trio of its most popular Type-C adapters arriving in a sleek, gold finish that will be able to complement the latest USB-C products on the market. This would include the Gold MacBook Air, which is something that will certainly turn heads each time you pull it out from your bag.

 Gold has always fascinated mankind since its discovery for its rarity and beauty. This makes anything with a shade of gold an object of interest, which also explains why certainly classic items such as the G-Shock timepiece, when slathered with gold color, automatically costs more than its regular colored brethren. Back to Satechi’s gold aluminum Type-C multi-port adapter 4K with Ethernet, this best selling peripheral now looks sexier than ever before.

Sporting 4K HDMI video input and an Ethernet port as its name suggests, it will also come with the ability to expand Type-C USB 3.1 ports into a trio of USB 3.0 ports, accompanied by an SD memory card slot, a microSD memory card slot and a passthrough USB-C port, where it also opens up an avenue for users to charge the device while using the adapter.

Expected to ship in January next year, the Satechi Aluminum Type-C Multi-port Adapter 4k with Ethernet V2 will arrive with an asking price of $89.99 apiece. It might be a wee bit more expensive than a regular multi-port accessory, but perhaps the shade of gold in which it arrives in makes all of the difference in price for its status and perceived glamour this coming holiday season.

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