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Satechi delivers new USB car chargers

satechi-car-chargersWhile autonomous vehicles are started to under more and more frequent testing, which would also translate to an increased chance of such rides being marketed sooner rather than later, one thing is for sure – our dependence on gadgets and gizmos do not seem to be weaned off at all, but rather, we all do seem to be impacted more and more by them. Having said that, many mobile devices these days do come with their own charger, and thankfully, USB charging is pretty commonplace. Hence, it makes perfect sense for cars and vehicles to be equipped with a USB charger to boot, and Satechi knows this, which is why they are expanding their Metallic Series and Type-C solutions with the Type-C USB and Standard USB-A Car Charger.

This is a brand new car charger that will boast of a universal USB-A output port, in addition to a Type-C female output port alongside the ability to simultaneously charge both devices. Both the Type-C USB and Standard USB-A Car Chargers happen to be deemed as the ideal solution for charging on-the-go, where it has a powerful, compact design as well as fast-charging feature of 36W (Type-C output) and 12W (Type-A output), which in turn ensures that users do not need to worry about phones, computers, tablets or other devices running out of power while on the road. Sure, it might not look as menacing as the Darth Vader USB Car Charger, but it is still a piece of work that is aesthetically pleasing.

The charger boasts of an user-friendly design which will allow users to simply place the charger in the cigarette port as well as insert the respective charging cables to the USB ports. It will also come with a blue LED indicator, and shows off real-time status of the charger, confirming the USB charger is properly connected and ready to charge devices. Arriving in gold, silver or space grey shades, Satechi’s car charger is compatible with almost all USB-powered devices and most Type-C USB devices, and will retail for $24.99 apiece.

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