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Satechi Computer LED Light Strip ensures your mod looks vibrant

led-light-stripWhen it comes to modding a computer, many of us would like to see the different parts brought together to work in tandem, squeezing out every single possible bit of performance without overloading any of the processors or burning out. Once the performance issues have been worked out, and your computer purrs like a gentle kitten who is satisfied with life, only then would it be the time to work on the externals. In this case why not soup up your computer with an external show of light? This is not the first time when an LED light set is available, but Satechi intends to crank up the festive mood with their very own Satechi Computer LED Light Strip.

The Satechi Computer LED Light Strip would enable users to pick from sixteen different vibrant colors, where these colors will be able to illuminate and bring any computer workspace to life. The Computer LED Light Strip is a snap to use, where it can be easily applied to majority of the hardware out there, and can be specially customized in order to have it fit a user’s needs and mood.

Boasting of a flexible and yet strong design, the Satechi Computer LED Light Strip will allow users to position it into any number of unlimited desired positions thanks to the included 3M adhesive. Apart from that, users or hobbyists will also have the privilege of additional customization of the hardware through the ability to pick between a quartet of color rotation modes as well as brightness levels, thanks to the included remote control.

The four modes are Flash mode, where it will rotate red, green and blue; Strobe mode which fades through red, green and blue; Fade mode that will fade through seven different LED colors, and Smooth mode which goes through seven different LED colors. These LEDs have been rated for 100,000 hours, and the Satechi Computer LED Light Strip comes with an extremely affordable price tag of $29.99 a pop.

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