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Satechi has a brand new Aluminum Wireless Presenter

Satechi-Aluminum-Wireless-PresenterGoing for a corporate boardroom meeting can be a chore for some, especially the seasoned veterans who have long sat through countless hours of verbiage and PowerPoint presentations, but this does not mean that one should not look for different ways to spruce up a potentially boring session! There are many different ways and tools to help the corporate road warrior, and Satechi has stepped up to the plate with their latest Aluminum Wireless Presenter.

This is yet another device from Satechi as the company continuously strives to improve the daily lives of its consumers, where the launch of the new Aluminum Wireless Presenter intends to breathe a breath of fresh air into boardrooms and meeting rooms. Being lightweight and portable, the Aluminum Wireless Presenter has been touted to be the perfect solution for controlling presentations across a wide range of programs, where among them include Keynote and PowerPoint, all on a Bluetooth-enabled iOS or other smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Aluminum Wireless Presenter’s compatibility and compact size would make sure that presentations flow with ease, and boasting a Bluetooth 3.0 range of up to 33 feet, users are able to use the controls to navigate slides back and forth, while the integrated laser pointer ensures the audience’s attention stays on the presentation. Of course, during your down time, you can always use the laser pointer to drive your pet cat nuts as it chases a prey that will never be caught, only to vanquish it temporarily when the battery on the Aluminum Wireless Presenter runs out.

Speaking of batteries, the Aluminum Wireless Presenter will come with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB, which does away with the need to purchase expensive button style batteries or AAA batteries, as these tend to add weight to your luggage while you travel. The presenter’s slim, portable design would allow you to bring it with you just about anywhere, where you can choose from gold, silver or space gray shades for $39.99 a pop.

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