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Satechi Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote

satechi-bt-remoteWhen it comes to accessories for mobile devices, one particular brand has always managed to stand out on its own, that is, Satechi. Satechi’s range of accessories always have a single objective in mind: to be able to make everyday life a whole lot more convenient, and their latest release arrives in the form of the spanking new Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote. The name of this remote control says it all — you are able to effortlessly control media even though the numerous digital devices that you own happen to be out of reach. Featuring a couple of different modes, Media and Presentation, the Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote ensures that users gain complete freedom and control when it comes to handling music, movies, videos and presentations without having to look for different devices.

When one is switched on to Media Mode, the Satechi Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote will offer total media playback control. This means the user wields the power to skip or go to the next track, pause or play media, adjust the volume level, mute when the need arises, or access the Home button, all directly from the remote itself.

As for Presentation Mode, the versatility of the Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote shines through. Presentation Mode ensures that this nifty little remote is able to be transported from the home directly to the office, where it can then be used to take control of and manage presentations. The wireless remote will enable users to easily walk around a room while maintaining the all important eye contact in order to command the attention of the audience. This lets them remain engaged without losing connection or having to “point-and-shoot” the screen. Majority of the productivity applications are supported, including PowerPoint and Keynote, so that your next presentation has maximum chances of wowing the audience.

It has a 10 meter range with a battery life of up to 45 hours of use on a single charge. There is a LED status light indicator and a USB charging cable that helps you power it when the battery level starts to run dangerously low. The Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote will retail for $44.99 as it arrives in silver, space gray or jet black shades.

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