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Satechi Apple Watch Mount ensures safety of your precious timepiece

satechi-watch-holderWhen it comes to the world of accessories for smartphones and other kinds of mobile devices, you can be sure that one particular name stands out from the rest of the crowd, and that would be Satechi, no doubt about it. They not only cater to mobile devices, they also ensure that those of you who happen to work from home, or are tethered to a computer all day long, will also have an easier time with your machines such as with the Satechi Aluminum HDD Docking Station. Well, if you have picked up an Apple Watch not too long ago, how about accessorizing it, if you haven’t done so already? Satechi might have the perfect foil for you in the form of the new Apple Watch Mount.

For starters, the Satechi Apple Watch Mount will boast of a sleek black finish, which will enable users to mount their Apple Watch on steering wheels, bicycle or motorcycle handlebars, treadmills and others, resulting in an easy and hands-free access to the device as they are on the move.

With the Satechi Apple Watch Mount, users will be able to safely and securely access the device’s features while remaining hands-free and keeping eyes on the task at hand – extremely useful if you happen to be behind the wheel, fetching your family along with you, too. Users will gain control of their music, activate Siri, answer calls, read messages and monitor their workout through their favorite fitness app on their Apple Watch without missing a beat.

If you opt to mount this accessory onto a steering wheel, then the Apple Watch Mount will enable users to bring CarPlay into their fingertips – all without having to have an obstructed view of the road. Not only that, the Apple Watch Mount conveniently rotates 360 degrees, which will pave the way for endless access and viewing angles. Since it is made of a TPU material, you can be assured of a secure grip all the time, and this will always remain in place, no matter where you mount it. Expect the Apple Watch Mount to arrive in two Apple Watch sizes, 38mm or 42mm, where either one will retail for $14.99 a pop.

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