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Satechi Aluminum Power Strip provides more options with a single power outlet

satechi-power-stripI suppose it is somewhat a ritual for many of us who live in cities and are simply too connected with the kind of devices that we own, to charge them up while we sleep at night in order to make sure that whatever we need to use tomorrow will have the necessary amount of juice to last for another day’s worth of work. Not only that, it would be unthinkable to come up with the idea of going for a day without carrying any of our devices out there. Having said that, Satechi might have stumbled upon one of the more practical yet brilliant ideas – that is, to come up with the Satechi Aluminum Power Strip.

There is far more than what meets the eye with the Satechi Aluminum Power Strip, of course, since it will boast of not a couple or even a trio, but rather, a whopping four AC outlets. Not only that, to sweeten the entire deal, the Satechi Aluminum Power Strip will also be accompanied by another four USB ports, and despite all of that connectivity, it still arrives in a design that is compact enough to tote around with you wherever you are, helping to reduce clutter and at the same time, to conserve energy.

The energy saving Aluminum Power Strip will come equipped with IC smart technology, and this technology will automatically adjust the amount of power being used to the amount of power required in order to match the plugged in devices’ requirements. This is done so that there will be no damage from unexpected or unwanted surges, as well as it eliminates the use of excess energy.

The versatile and compact Power Strip will also boast of four 2.4A USB ports as mentioned earlier, making it charge up the likes of tablets, smartphones and other USB-based devices quickly and efficiently without having to use up more single-port wall adapters. The asking price for this extremely useful peripheral would be $39.99 a pop.

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