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Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub complements your Mac well

satechi-aluminum-clamp-hubI would like to think that it is never enough getting the right amount of USB ports on a computer, since leaving at the very least of one spare USB port is always handy, taking into account the number of devices these days that charge up via USB, as well as perform data transfer. Well, if you are a Mac user and have long wanted to complement your desktop machine with a USB hub, but have never really managed to come across a design which is capable of delighting your palates, might we suggest taking a look in the direction of the Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub?

The Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub will be able to offer not a couple, and neither will it deliver three, but rather, we are talking about four extra USB 3.0 ports which makes it a snap to charge up your smartphones – as well as other compatible devices, that is. After all, the Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub does more than function as a middle party to help you juice up those power hungry devices, is also capable of letting you synchronize data from one device to the computer, and vice versa.

Sporting a compact and innovative design, the Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub will be able to attach to the iMac (it must be a model that was released in the year 2012 or newer), which would offer users added connectivity options without having to take up additional desk space – which is perfect in this day and age, taking into consideration how many of us already live in rather cramped spaces. Apart from that, there is also a metallic brushed aluminum exterior that will be complemented by a white trim that would certainly jive well with the overall Apple aesthetic.

The Aluminum Clamp Hub’s quartet of USB 3.0 ports would eanble users to quickly and efficiently transfer data between the computer and any USB device, ranging from smartphones to cameras, tablets, a USB flash drive, or even an external hard drive, and we are talking about blazing fast rates of up to 5.0Gbps – which would be 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Do bear in mind that these are theoretical situations, of course, and real life results might vary. Expect to fork out $27.99 for the Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub.

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