Sat Nav Shoes look set to rock

Trust us on this – a shoe is not just an ordinary piece of walking equipment that you wear so that you won’t end up with blisters at the end of the day after following your other half through endless miles of shopping malls. Not when your feet are treated to the wonders of the Sat Nav Shoes. Not only does each pair help you walk around comfortably without causing potential health problems, they also feature GPS technology that help guide you from postcode to postcode, making us wonder whether postmen who walk through rural areas will find this to be much more useful compared to a conventional map. How in tarnation does a pair of Sat Nav Shoes work, anyways? We were stumped initially, but thank the heavens for a pretty comprehensive product description.

The left shoe holds all the gadgetry: under the tongue (the shoe’s, not yours) you will find the control unit. Just enter your starting and destination postcodes and shazam, you’re off and walking! Just remember to look both ways (like that hedgehog says) before crossing roads. There are two ways Sat Nav Shoes give you directions. An LED DNav Bubble on the front acts as a visual guide and you’ll hear a beep when you are heading in the wrong direction. So now even Boris can find his way around City Hall in the dark! For those that don’t eat their carrots, the heel of the shoe is equipped with waterproof speakers, so you can hear the reassuring drone of ‘left, next left, right after Pancho’s Kebabs’ etc. It’s genius! But that’s not all because you can use your mobile headset and listen to instructions via Bluetooth. Ooohhhh you hear that?!

A secret compartment located in the sole of the shoe houses a couple of rechargeable AA batteries to keep it going, and with each pair going for £129.95 a pop, we personally think this is the next best thing after sliced bread.