Sanyo offers clock radios that work with iPods


Sanyo has introduced a couple of new audio systems to the masses, with the DMP-P1 a Cube Alarm Clock Radio with an iPod docking station and the DMP-692 Dual Dock Music System, with two docking stations allowing two iPods or an iPod and iPhone to be played and recharged simultaneously. These stylish systems are sure to sell if the price is right which we’ll reveal at the end of the post, but in the meantime, do take a look at what both devices are able to offer to the consumer.

The Sanyo DMP-692 Dual Dock Music System will come with an AM/FM Digital Stereo Tuner with Dual Programmable Alarms, letting to customize your wake-up experience by choosing a tune from your favorite playlist from an iPod or iPhone, or decide to let the friendly banter of the DJ on a morning radio show to do the job. Nice to know there is the all important sleep and snooze modes for added convenience just in case you’re the type who needs more than a single alarm ring to get you up and running. Familes with multiple devices will also find the DMP-692 to be handy as it makes room for a couple of iPods and/or iPhones to juice up simultaneously, helping you save both time, money and additional desk space. Not only that, the iPod/iPhone can still be used to play back your tunes when recharging.

As for the DMP-P1 Cube Alarm Clock Radio, this device comes with an AM/FM PLL Digital Tuner with Programmable Alarm Clock, offering a similar customized wake-up experience as the DMP-692, although it does not fare as well as its more feature-rich sibling by coming with only one iPod dock. At least this iPod dock will let you play back your tunes while charging it up at the same time for added convenience. Buttons are located at the top for easy access. Both models will be heading towards the online Sanyo store as well as selected retailers in the US from later this month onwards, with the Cube Alarm Clock Radio and Dual Dock Music System going for $39.99 and $89.99, respectively.

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