Sanyo eneloop music booster announced

eneloop-music-boosterWe’ve seen Sanyo with their electric bicycles at Vegas last week, and everyone by now ought to know about the Japanese company’s range of eneloop batteries. Well, guess what? There is a new device that falls under the eneloop brand – the eneloop music booster. This is basically a rechargeable DC 9V battery unit that will target digital audio players and other music devices, making it the latest addition to their ‘eneloop universe’ product series. You won’t be able to get the eneloop music booster right after reading this post though, as this nifty portable rechargeable battery will only be available sometime later this spring, retailing for $149.99 at music specialty stores nationwide.

The Sanyo eneloop music booster is aimed to help musicians support a green lifestyle, where reusing and recycling are extremely high on the agenda. Among the main features found on this rechargeable 9V power supply would be its ability to be used just about anywhere as a form of portable power source. Apart from that, it boasts dual output that is capable of powering a couple of 9V music devices simultaneously. Of course, there are some limitations to this configuration since the maximum output of 2,000mA is achieved if you’re using only one, while utilizing both would see the output drop to 1,000mA per port. Apart from that, you get voltage boosting technology that helps maintain a steady voltage until all power is exhausted, helping protect your device at the same time from power fluctuations. With this approach, you get consistent sound quality at the same time.

Knowing just how much juice you have left is just as important, which is why the eneloop music booster comes with a 3-stage remaining power indicator that shows battery level at a glance even when you are using it. If you have more than 60% of juice left, it will be green, while 30% to 60% remaining is indicated in Orange, and less than 30% will see Red rearing its head. You can even bring it outdoors with you since it is water resistant, although submerging it underwater is still a no-no. Taking just 3.5 hours to achieve a full charge, the eneloop music booster looks like a decent purchase for most folks with MP3 players.

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