Sanwa Throat Microphone

Have you ever had a conversation on a cellular phone, and found that the person that you were talking to could not hear you? Or you could not hear the one that you are talking to? It would be a bad time to get that really important message, like the ones you hear about on those AT&T commercials where the main characters’ phones are talking.

SWAT teams, who work in very loud backgrounds, know about this situation. This is why they often use microphones that attach on the neck. Apparently, the neck carries as much vibrations as the mouth, so the other person on the end gets to hear you very clearly.

This is why Sanwa has made the Throat Microphone, which will be available to the general consumer. You might think that this is an unusual accessory, but there was a time when no one would be caught dead wearing a wireless headset or Bluetooth earpiece.

In other words, Sanwa may be stumbling on the next wave of the future here. I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these myself when I’m working in a loud coffee shop. Of course, I might look like some freak with this collar on, not to mention that I would be talking to myself.

Sadly, there is no world when the Sanwa Throat Microphone will be available, nor any word on the price.


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