Santok’s STK In-Car Splitter With USB Ports


With as many gadgets as most of us cart around, finding ways to charge them in your car becomes an issue.  You could just attempt to spread them out so that you don’t have to have as many things plugged in within your car at once.  However, sometimes you really need your cellphone that happens to be dead and your GPS.  Well this In-Car Splitter would likely be plenty for even the most gadget addicted person out there.

It has 2 regular cigarette lighter sockets as well as two USB ports.  Giving you enough room to keep four gadgets powered up at all times.  The arm on the splitter can be angled in different directions, making it so that it’ll work in any vehicle you own now or in the future.  It also has a replaceable fuse as an extra safety feature.  You can read more on it on Santok’s website, but unfortunately they don’t give any pricing information on the splitter.

Source: GeekAlerts

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